What is Amplitude?

Amplitude is a web and mobile analytics platform that aims to provide access to the ‘behavioural layer’ of user data, which exists as an intermediate level between raw data and dashboards. Amplitude offers the ability to zoom in on individual data points to view the behavioral data, users and actions behind each point on a graph.

Amplitude’s user flows reveal which actions are the most commonly taken after users sign up, and which usually precede purchases made in-app, creating paths through the app. The behaviour of individual app users can be viewed with unlimited real-time activity feeds and user timelines.

Amplitude enables the measurement of conversion rates using funnels, which provide the ability to identify the points at which users drop out of sign-up, upgrade, or purchase processes. User retention can also be measured, plus stickiness graphs reveal how often users engage with the app.

Users can be segmented into groups for comparison across different metrics, such as conversion and retentions, on the same chart. Basic user demographics are tracked by default, and custom user properties can be defined as required. Custom behavioural cohorts can be created from individual data points and used to track conversion rates, retention, engagement, and more. Cohorts can also be used as a target audience for marketing campaigns.

Key benefits of using Amplitude

User flows reveal which actions users most commonly take after sign-up, those usually preceding any in-app purchases, and allow users to visualize user paths taken through the app.

Use funnels to measure conversion rates and identify the points where users are withdrawing from sign-up, upgrade, or purchase processes.

Segment users into groups and compare multiple groups’ rates of conversion, retention, engagement, and more, on the same chart.

Zoom in on any data point to see the user actions making up that point.

Create custom cohorts from data points, and apply these across dashboards to further explore those user behaviors, or use them as custom target audiences.

Pricing details

Three package levels are available:

Starter – Free, 0-10 million monthly events
Business – $995/month, 0-100 million monthly events
Enterprise – pricing available on request, 0-10 billion+ monthly events

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