What is SolarWinds Pingdom?

SolarWinds Pingdom is a powerful and affordable SaaS-based web app performance monitoring solution. It’s one product providing comprehensive web app performance and user experience monitoring consisting of four major capabilities:

1. Uptime monitoring for webpages and other critical components like APIs, CDNs, DNS, networks, email, and more
2. Page speed performance monitoring and page rankings
3. Synthetic transaction monitoring from the simplest to the most complex transactions
4. Real user monitoring (RUM), enabling a deeper and wider understanding of the user’s digital experience, and web application availability and performance

Pingdom’s Features

  • Uptime & Response time reports
  • Multi-step transaction monitoring
  • Email, text & twitter alerts
  • Multiple check locations
  • Root cause analysis
  • Public and email reports
  • Monitor that your websites and servers are working- Pingdom tests your websites and other infrastructure components as often as every minute to make sure it is all up and running.
  • Be the first to know if something breaks- When an error occurs, you can get alerted via email, text (SMS), Twitter, or a mobile notification to your Android and iOS device.
  • Easily spot trends in your performance- The results of all tests that we perform are saved, and we use that data to create graphs of your site’s historical uptime and performance.
  • When it breaks, find out why- If an issue occurs with one of your sites, we use additional tests such as a traceroute to help you find out where the problem is.
  • Identify broken and slow website interactions- Monitor parts of a website like the login, search, check out, or other user interactions that are important to you.
  • Use it wherever you are- You can use our mobile apps for Android and iOS to view report data and the current status of your sites while on the go.

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